Rhythm, comedy and Power! The perfect highlight for your event

At the DRUM OLÉ show offers the best percussion group from Holland a thundering drum and percussion rollercoaster full of precision, humor and acrobatics. Huge drums are combined with tiny attributes, steamy rhythms alternate with deafening silence from and hilarious jokes are combined with ballads. The (interactive) show, showing humor, harmony and rhythm and manages the interaction with the audience to a sound and social experience that it never has seen before! Be part of the show and let us take you on an unusual journey of drumming!

Videotrailer DRUM OLÉ show wihtout Interaction

DRUM OLE show can be also interactive and can be combined with following of our interactive modules:

  • Each guest will sit on our specially designed music-chairs, lounge-stools or the Bodybox and will be a participant in the show. The remarkable thing is that the unique musical chairs are integrated into the show as normal seating which allows the audience to interact with the artists. But do not worry: no one is overwhelmed and no one needs to go on stage. You can sit comfortably on the musical chairs and can drum with the artists in some places during the show.
  • Or combine the show with our Event Shaker and let your audience build "live" a shaker which we also brand with your logo and which is a perfect give-away at your event.
  • DRUM OLE show can be also booked without any form of interaction.

The DRUM OLÉ show is very rhythmically: The audience is abducted in a funny, funny and visually stunning journey that it has never experienced before. In exchange of interaction, dance, comedy, music and breathtaking speed, the show takes viewers unencumbered into the infinite world of rhythm.

Videotrailer DRUM OLÉ show with Interaction

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          DRUM OLÉ construct
Build your own musical instrument!
          DRUM OLÉ Interactive
Have a seat on our Cajon-Chairs and feel the beat
          DRUM OLÉ Interactive
Drum-Workshop with our music-stools (=Cajon)
          DRUM OLÉ Interactive
Drumming with the bodybox (seating or standing)
          DRUM OLÉ shakekit
Event with our Craft-Shaker printed with your logo
          DRUM OLÉ rockband
Song workshop with music workshops like singing, drumming, etc.
          DRUM OLÉ show
Stunning Percussionshow with top artists!
          DRUM OLÉ kids
Eventprogramme and Drum-Workshops for children and families

DRUM OLÉ | Blockfeldstrasse 18, 67112 Mutterstadt