DRUM OLE construct Cajon-Construction-Workshop with Drum-Workshop
High-End Teambuilding with Rhythm - Building your Own Cajon -

Did you always want to build your own instrument or are you still looking for a teambuilding-exercise that actually works? In both cases choose Drum Ole Construct and let us enchant you using the uniting power of rhythm:

  • The workshop contains an effective teambuilding exercise. In small groups your employees build their own Drumming Stools (Cajon) and can work creatively on its design.
  • If you want we can print the name of each employee and your company logo on each stool beforehand.
  • After the event every participant will have an individualized give-away additional to the memory of a unique musical experience.
  • Building the cajon is quite simple and will be supervised by the DRUM OLE team. This guaranties that after the workshop every participant has a full functioning instrument to take home with them.
  • These instruments are considered to be “state of the art” by the leading percussion magazine DRUMHEADS.
  • The Drumming Stools are manufactured by the company baff Musikmöbel in cooperation with a sheltered workshop in Germany.
  • During the musical part of the workshop the DRUM OLE team will introduce the functions of the instrument so that you and your team can all play the same rhythm together. This will definitely improve the team spirit in your company.
  • DRUM OLE Construct can be performed with ten to 1.000 people.
  • There are no limitations when it comes to the location of the event. The workshop can be done in a designated event establishment for example a conference room in a hotel or in your own office facilities. DRUM OLE Construct can even be performed outside. Of course we provide all the necessary materials.
  • Depending on your wishes this teambuilding-exercise can take from two to six hours. Making it the ideal workshop to improve the cohesion of your firm in one day.

Videotrailer DRUM OLÉ construct

Videodocumentation with DRUM OLÉ construct

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